Luxury Holidays Iceland & Lapland

For many people, visiting the Northern Lights is high up on their bucket list, amongst other travel dreams. Iceland gives you the opportunity to do exactly that. What’s more, staying a night at the world renowned ‘Ice Hotel’ and visiting the iconic blue lagoon are also places that you simply have to visit. Combined, these opportunities mean that a Luxury Holiday to Iceland is a must-do.

Lapland is an unforgettable experience for families who travel there. Captivating the energy and imagination surrounding Christmas by actually meeting Santa Clause for yourself is something children will never forget. With a range of options, from 1-day trips to 7-day tours, there’s something suitable for every family.

Best Time to Visit

If you want to visit the Northern lights specifically, then February, March, September and October are the months where you are most likely to observe the phenomena. However, if you’re visiting Iceland to go hiking then the warmer summer months provide a more pleasant climate. If visiting Lapland is your desire, then there is not better time to go than in November and December – but you must book early to avoid disappointment! As you can imagine, this is peak season for Lapland and Santa needs to prepare for guests as he has a very busy schedule!


The cuisines of Iceland and Lapland are acquired tastes – including some very adventurous choices of fish and meat – but fear not – in touristy areas such as Reykjavik the menu is more suited the western world.

History and Culture 

In Iceland, you can visit one of the world’s oldest parliaments at Þingvellir. This is an extremely interesting day out and is around 40 minutes from Reykjavik by car. The parliament is located in a stunning National Park that is equally as interesting to explore.

Things to Do

  • Visit Santa and his elves in Lapland.
  • Observe the incredible Northern Lights in real life.
  • Stay at night at the Ice Hotel. 
  • Visit Iceland’s Blue Lagoon Geothermal Pools.