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Introduction to Weddings in Thailand 

Thailand is over half a million kilometres2 in size, and the diversity in culture it offers reflects this. The bustling city of Bangkok is in high contrast to the peace and tranquillity of the laid back island of Koh Samui. Thai culture is very relaxing, and the beautifully simple yet flavoursome food which they prepare is just one example of this.

Thai weddings are surrounded by picturesque scenery and beautiful coastline. Thailand’s islands are decorated by stunning aquamarine waters with rock formations breaking up the landscape; coral reefs border the islands, and snorkelling and water sport opportunities are endless. Your wedding in Thailand will be a simple process with our wedding planners at Luxury Lounge, and your big day will be unique to you.

Important Information about Thailand

Thai law means you must spend at least 4 working days in Thailand before you can register your marriage and complete the legal requirements for your wedding. You must visit the British Embassy in Bangkok to get your marriage registration and Thai marriage certificate. The couple will both need to provide copies of the following documents before the wedding (and also take them upon travel):

  • A valid, 10 year UK passport that does not expire within 6 months of your return to the UK – this must also be certified.
  • Original decree absolutes from any previous marriages.
  • If you have been widowed, you’ll need the original copy of your previous partner’s death certificate and your original marriage certificate.
  • Original deed polls for any previous name changes.
  • If you were adopted, you’ll need the original copy of your adoption certificate.

It is also important to note that in Thailand, if the bride has been divorced for less than 310 days, she will be required to take a medical certificate to show that she is not pregnant at the time of the wedding. Failure to do so will result in the wedding not happening.

All of the above documents must be legalised by British Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The cost of this is will be advised to you during your wedding planning process. The documents must also be provided with Thai translations, supplied by an approved translator by the Embassy of Thailand, in London. Once all the documents have been translated, the translations and legalised originals must be checked by the Embassy of Thailand for accuracy, which also has a small admin fee.

Copies of the legalised documents, the translations and certified passports must all be supplied before your wedding day and original copies taken with you to Thailand.