Luxury Holidays USA and Canada

The USA and Canada are vast countries like no others, strewn with many luxury travel opportunities that only the USA and Canada can offer. Coastal cities, the deep south, dramatic countryside and the big lights of New York and Las Vegas show just how much they have to offer. There are such a number of high profile areas and attractions to visit that a USA tour may be a good option for those wishing to take in several states at once.

Best Time to Visit

North America can be visited all year round. If you are looking to visit the Western states, the summer months are great for this as you can visit the beaches and really explore America. However, if you plan to go to places like the Grand Canyon, the heat in July and August can be extremely high for this type of place, so it’s best to go in Autumn or Winter as temperatures are cooler and sometimes snow begins to fall. If you are visiting states in the South and Florida, hurricanes can happen between June and November, so it is best to avoid going in these months.

Despite the size of Canada, temperatures are generally the same across the country. It’s cold everywhere in the winter, which lasts from November to February, and summer months from June to September are warmer and more pleasant. If you are looking for wildlife and lush forests, the best time to go is around April time as this is when everything comes into bloom and the animals re-emerge. If you are visiting in the winter it is best to pack with lots of warm clothes as temperatures can get quite cold.


The North American cuisine takes many influences from all around the world; it varies in each state. Many staples of the American cuisine do consist of a lot of barbequed or fried foods, especially in the Southern states. Lots of the dishes include foods and flavours from various countries – it’s very easy to find foods from South America and Europe, for example, like tacos and pizzas. Much more recently, street food stalls have become very popular especially in the cities, as well as the clean eating health food craze which is most popular in places like California. Many popular foods you can find when visiting North America are pancakes/waffles, Buffalo wings and barbecue sauce, fast foods like burgers and fries, cheesecake and peanut butter sandwiches.

As Canada has a big influence from France and Western Europe, their cuisine incorporates many of these flavours and food influences in their own dishes. Some of the foods they are most known for are the French-Canadian Tortierre (meat filled pie), Bacon with pancakes, Bagels and putting Maple syrup on almost everything.

History and Culture

America’s culture is probably the most diverse in the world as a majority of the population come from different backgrounds, so their culture depends on where they’re from. However, North Americans are very big on sports, especially American Football and Baseball. North America also celebrates lots of specific holidays, such as the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Labour Day and Memorial Day.

Canada’s history dates back to its first discovery in the 15th century by Vikings and a Frenchman. However, Europeans didn’t permanently settle there until the 16th century. Their history involves a lot of development, especially over the last 50 years, and immigration from wars that went on, such as Vietnam War. This is in addition to having Aboriginals as some of the first people to live in Canada.

Things to Do

  • Visit the Empire State Building, 9/11 memorial, and Central Park in New York
  • Visit Disneyworld in Florida
  • Go to the Hollywood sign, and walk down the Walk of Fame
  • Go partying in Vegas
  • Go skiing
  • Take a boat down the lakes
  • Visit Toronto CN tower
  • See Niagara falls