Luxury Holidays The Seychelles

An archipelago of 115 islands located in the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles are perfect for those who want an unspoiled beach and a tropical getaway for their luxury holiday. The islands may be similar in some aspects, but they each offer a range of differing activities, sights and luxury accommodation choices.

The glamour and luxury offered by hotels in the Seychelles means that every single member of your travel party will enjoy the travel experience of a lifetime. There is a large choice of both family friendly and adult only hotels, making it an optimal choice of destination.

Best Time to Visit 

One of the major benefits of a Seychelles holiday is that their climate is excellent, all year round. Temperatures, on average, soar over 30°c in March, April and May and are comfortably in the late 20’s°c throughout the other months of the year.

Popular Resorts

All international flights into the Seychelles fly into Malé – from here, you will take a seaplane or a seaboat to your resort – which could be one of many of the islands that make up the Seychelles. Popular islands include Malé, Ari Atoll, Mulaku Atoll, South Huvadhu Atoll and North Nilandhe Atoll amongst many others. 

History and Culture

Britain took control of the Seychelles in the early 19th century before the country became independent in 1976. Thirty percent of people on the island are employed in the tourism industry, which results in over seventy percent on the take home pay of the people of the Seychelles. The other major employer on the islands is the tuna fishing industry. 

Things to Do

  • Enjoy the most peaceful of hotels on earth.
  • Take to the waters to experience a wide variety of watersports. 
  • Speak to your hotel to arrange a day excursion to one of the inner granite islands.
  • Island hop from one Seychelles island to another by helicopter.