Luxury Holidays The Maldives

A myriad of little islands in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives are a compilation of around two hundred inhabited, small islands. The islands straddle the equator and are amongst some of the clearest waters in the Indian Ocean. Most reosrts have a shallow blue lagoon and they are surrounded by coral reefs. The beaches on the islands have the finest white powdery sand and are amongst the quietest beaches you could ever visit. The crystal clear waters and coral reefs mean that the Maldives benefit from extremely vibrant and exciting marine life; this makes scuba diving an incredibly popular way to pass time.

Best Time to Visit

In the Maldives, temperatures are good all year round with averages of 27°C for the entire year; peak season falls between November and April where temperatures are often 30-31°C.


History and Culture

Buddhist seafarers first settled on the then known Maldive Islands in the 5th Century. In 1965, the island became independent of the United Kingdom and then in 1968 the islands formed a republic government. The country’s main industry is tourism, but the fishing and seafood industries are also a major factor in the country’s economy. 

Things to Do

  • Resorts on the Maldives are extraordinary – 5* luxury at the best beaches in the world; guests should take advantage of the peace and tranquility to soak up the sun!
  • Scuba diving in the Indian Ocean is incredible, especially as the Maldives are decorated by stunning coral reefs.
  • Island hop from one island to another to enjoy more of these incredible islands.
  • Why not twin your holiday to the Maldives with Sri Lanka, Dubai or Thailand?