Luxury Holidays The Cook Islands

Fifteen tiny islands and atolls across two million square kilometres of the South Pacific Ocean make up the Cook Islands. They are broken down into two groups: the Northern Group and the Southern Group. Both lie in the middle of the French Polynesia, to the west of Tahiti. As you can imagine, the low density of islands in such a vast space means that these resorts are extremely rural and as such their hotels and beaches are amongst the most peaceful that you could ever stay at.

Best Time to Visit

The Cook Islands benefit from warm weather all year round. November to March are the warmer months with occasional tropical showers, but June to August offer slightly cooler weather without the chances of tropical showers. Temperatures in the warmer season average around 30°C whilst the cooler months offer averages of around 25°C.

Popular Resorts

The largest of the islands is Rarotonga – and still, this has only 40 square miles of land. This island has several smaller resorts including Pue and Aroa. Just 45 minutes flight from Rarotonga, the equally popular islands of Aituaki can be found. These islands are more laid back and relaxing than the larger island of Rarotonga and they are a great place to kick back and relax for a few days.

History and Culture

Cook Islanders are of Polynesian descent and are closely related to the New Zealand Moaris. They arrived on the Cook Islands in the early 6th century from Tahiti; the people are open and extremely friendly, as reflected by their traditional greeting of ‘Kia Orana’ – translating literally to ‘may you live on’. 

Things to Do

  • Snorkelling in the South Pacific Ocean that surrounds the Cook Islands will leave you astonished – the tropical world below the waters is something not to miss out on. 
  • Incredible beaches mean that relaxation on your sun lounger is a perfect time to wind down.

Recommended Hotels in The Cook Islands

For more information on a selection of recommended hotels in the Cook Islands, please contact our luxury travel experts.