Luxury Holidays South Pacific

Some regard Luxury Holidays to the South Pacific as the closest you’ll get to paradise on earth. Powder white soft sands, palm trees, stunning Mountainous backdrops, turquoise lagoons and incredible over-water accommodation – it’s hard to picture anywhere more beautiful. The luxury hotels will only enhance the incredible scenery that you are surrounded by on a holiday in the South Pacific . Twinning a holiday to the region with stops in Dubai or Los Angeles is often a popular choice – this will allow you to breakdown the somewhat long flight down into more manageable sections.

Best Time to Visit

Due to it’s location in the Southern Hemisphere, the South Pacific has excellent weather all year round. Summer months in the region are between November and April; this is when the weather is at it’s warmest but also it’s most humid and wettest. Some prefer the months of May to October whilst temperatures are still high, but there is far less humidity in the air and a decreased chance of rainfall. 

Popular Resorts

The Cook Islands, Fiji and the French Polynesia, including Bora Bora, are all incredible holiday locations. All are blessed with the same stunning scenery and a similar selection of 5* hotels.

Things to Do

  • Snorkelling on the shores of any of the islands in the region will show you an exciting array of tropical marine life. There are some amazing coral reefs scattered amongst the islands.
  • While away your holiday relaxing on incredible beaches with a cocktail in hand.
  • Explore, on foot, the tropical paradise you are visiting – particularly on the mountainous islands, some of the rain forest areas are incredible to explore.