Luxury Holidays South America

South America is a continent like no other. The countries in South America are unrivalled in diversity, with some of the most stunning beaches, beautiful mountain regions, bustling cities and tranquil countryside in the world. Beaches are blazed in thirty degree heat in some countries, whilst snow falls on the mountains in other countries – there is something to suit every kind of traveller. Tours through South American countries will leave you speechless – the shear size and variety of things to do is unthinkable until you’ve experienced it for yourself.

Best Time to Visit

Due to the size of the continent, the best time to visit depends on exactly where you’re going – for more details, see the specific pages for each of the countries in South America, where there is lots of details on the climates of particular countries and areas.


South American cuisine features some of the most flavoursome dishes you’ll ever enjoy. Foods and flavours are inspired from Spain, France and Arab countries so you can only begin to imagine what kind of dishes the local restaurants will serve up.

History and Culture

Each country in South America has a different history and culture – for more information, please read our pages on each country where more detail is given on each unique historical background of the South American countries. 

Things to Do

  • Trek up volcanoes and mountains
  • Visiting busy cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Lima and Buenos Aries
  • Spend time on the magnificent beaches in some countries
  • Get hands on and experience local living in rural areas