Luxury Holidays Singapore

One of the smallest countries in Asia, Singapore is a rich and diverse destination that is filled with vibrant lifestyle choices throughout. Located just off of Malaysia, this city state is full of wonders – you can visit places such as Kampong Glam where you can find quaint shops and houses. You can also visit Singapore City which is full of bars and restaurants, skylines and designer shops.

Best Time to Visit

Singapore is generally hot all year round with temperatures at 30 degrees. Tourists are best to visit between July and September as it is when Singapore is the driest and many festivals will take place during this time. February to April is also a good time to visit for those that enjoy outdoor activities as this is when they are first available in the year and the weather is still pleasant.


Singapore’s cuisine is very similar to Malaysian cuisine and so it also takes influences from Thai, Chinese and Indian cuisines. Popular dishes in Singapore are Chicken Rice which is a national dish, Chilli Crab, Hokkien Prawn Mee, Kaya Toast and Laska.

History and Culture

It was in the 19th century that Singapore became the modern Singapore that we know it as today due to the British empire; like Japan, they also suffered heavily in WW2. It wasn’t until 1965 that they left Malaysia to become independent. The Singaporean culture is cosmopolitan and consists of a mix of races, which you will see on your visit to this magnificent destination.

Things to Do

  • Visit Singapore Zoo
  • Explore Gardens By the Bay
  • Relish the magnificent sites in Singapore City gallery
  • Go to Marina Bay
  • Visit Universal Studios
  • Relax on Sentosa Beach