Luxury Holidays New Zealand

New Zealand is comprised of two main islands and several smaller ones, and sits just 1300 miles to the Southeast of Australia. Although they are a small country they offer a great range of scenic beauty and adventures.

Best Time to Visit

The weather in New Zealand can vary; if you go to the North Island you can get sub-tropical weather during the summer, but it can get down to -10 degrees in winter in the South Island. For the warmest weather it is best to visit between January and March as these are the warmest months and you get to do a lot more activities and relax.


New Zealand cuisine is similar to Australian cuisine as they have lots of meat dishes. However, they do have more influences from Europe and the Polynesia, creating a range of flavours and dishes. Barbeques are a popular dish, along with many types of seafood as they have easy access to lots of fresh produce. They are known for having the Pavlova (which originated from here) as well as having a big love for wine as they have wine festivals throughout the summer.

History and Culture

New Zealand’s history dates back to when the first inhabitants, the Maori, lived there. This is where the Polynesian influence comes from, as well as the hunting and tribal welfare which can be seen when the New Zealand rugby team play as they do the Haka. Their history also involves the colonisation by the British in 1642, and the war which named their soldiers Anzacs. The culture of New Zealand is that their people are very connected to their country and modern day New Zealand culture is sophisticated and multicultural.

Things to Do

  • Go caving, rafting, zip- lining or hiking through the mountains
  • Sailing & surfing
  • Go shopping in Auckland
  • Visit Lake Wanaka