Luxury Holidays Mauritius

Mauritius is a relatively small island that is surrounded by stunning Indian Ocean Coral Reef. The beaches are white and golden sandy, decorated with magnificent vegetation including the most exotic palm trees. Blue sue lagoons complement this stunning setting to create the most picturesque of destinations. The island also boasts areas of tropical forests and small mountainous areas. Waterfalls and the calming sounds of the Indian Ocean create an infectiously relaxed atmosphere, complimented by the charming cosmopolitan local people.

Best Time to Visit

The climate in Mauritius is excellent all year round. The island is in the Southern Hemisphere, so the summer months here fall during the UK’s winter. During these months, temperatures average 30°C.

Popular Resorts

Port Louis and Grand Baie are the two largest resorts, but are sporadically located along just about all of Mauritius’ coastline.  


Mauritius has some excellent food choices at all of the hotels on the island. Whilst food and drink is targeted towards client’s needs, the local cuisine is very much so about excellent locally produced seafood.  

Things to Do

  • The island has an amazing array of watersports.
  • The sophisticated local cuisine is certainly something you should try to experience whilst in Mauritius. 
  • Visit the beautiful tumbling waterfalls. 
  • Relax in 5 star luxurious hotels.