Luxury Holidays Japan

Japan is a place full of natural sites, temples and traditions, along with the lively urban life of the cities that offer a unique cultural experience. As a small island located off of South Korea, Japan is a very popular destination so you won’t struggle to find something to do, with opportunities to suit everyone.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Japan is between April and May as the weather isn’t too hot and it’s just before the rainy season. August is also a good time to visit as, although the weather is more hot and humid, there are many festivals that happen around this time – which is great for those that want to experience the culture and history of Japan. October is also pleasant as this is when Autumn begins and the cool, clear weather sits beautifully against the island of Japan.


A large part of the Japanese cuisine consists of rice and fresh ingredients, one of the most popular foods that come from Japan is Sushi – a combination of rice and fish, giving a mix of flavours and unique textures. They also have Ramen (egg noodles), Shabu-Shabu, Tofu and Yakitori.

History and Culture

Japan has a long history of leaders that shaped the country to become what it is today; the war affected Japan in a big way, including the attacks in Pearl Harbour and Hiroshima, especially on their civilians. Their culture is diverse as they have many ethnic groups, many from other parts of Southeast Asia. Their main religion is Buddhism, however they don’t practise it everyday like other stricter Buddhist countries. Japan is also popular for their Manga art style which has been used all around the world, as well as the history of the Samurai skills and warriors.

Things to Do

  • Visit Hiroshima
  • Visit Mount Fuji
  • Go to Tokyo City
  • Enjoy a Samurai or Ninja experience
  • Go to a Japanese festival – Kyoto is the most popular one