Luxury Holidays Indian Ocean

For many people, a holiday to one of the premier resorts in the Indian Ocean is a dream. Sunshine throughout the whole year, the most beautiful beaches on earth and amazing activities as well as incredible accommodation choices, are just a few of the reasons why the Indian Ocean is a dream location. Equally, some of the Indian Ocean has a truly inspirational historical and cultural background, meaning that you really can learn something new every day.

Best Time to Visit

In the Maldives, temperatures are good all year round with averages of 27°C; peak season falls between November and April. The Seychelles, also, have great weather throughout the year – but the peak season in the Seychelles is during our summer months. Likewise, Mauritius experiences good weather but as it is in the Southern Hemisphere, the summer months fall during UK winter months. Sir Lanka’s climate depends on which coast of the country you’ll be visiting – if it’s the West coast, then our winter months are best, but the East coast favours our summer months.

Popular Resorts

The Indian Ocean includes popular destinations; the Seychelles, the Maldives, Mauritius and Sri Lanka.


As you can imagine, seafood is the order of the day on these Indian Ocean Islands. Leading restaurants and shops, globally, source their fish from these waters – so having these seafoods as local produce means that the cuisine on the Indian Ocean Islands has a very high standard. 

History and Culture

Sri Lanka, in particular, is rich with cultural and historical heritage. Attractions include tea plantations, seven world heritage sites, colonial architecture sites, and tropical rainforests with some of the most unique wildlife.

Things to Do

  • Relax in the most peaceful and tranquil luxury.
  • Scuba dive to enjoy the vibrant and active marine life of the Indian Ocean.
  • Visit cultural sites including tea plantations and UNESCO World Heritage sites.
  • Trek through tropical rainforests on an adventure trek.