Luxury Holidays Greece

Greece Luxury Holidays deliver excellence on every level. Premium hotels, unbeatable weather as well as a short flight time are a brilliant combination. Our Travel Consultants work with a selection of suppliers and hoteliers to deliver the best luxury hotels in Greece. Island hoping across the Greek Islands is an increasingly popular option. Visiting Athens as well as a Greek Island is a great option for those wanting to embrace the ancient city.

Best Time to Visit 

Very few hotels in Greece offer year round availability, but there are a small selection which do. The best time to travel is generally between May and September as this almost guarantees you the best weather. Temperatures can reach around 30°C and there is little rainfall during the summer months.

Popular Resorts  

The Greek islands are among the most visited islands in the world because of the sublime holidays available. Popular choices include Kos, Crete, Kefalonia, Halkidiki, Skiathos, Corfu, Zante, Mykonos, Rhodes and Santorini.  


Greek cuisine is among the most delicious in Europe. The traditional Greek style of cooking is heavily influenced by it’s Mediterranean heritage. The locals eat lots of seafood as well as fresh fruit and vegetables – they are known to enjoy a great selection of local wines and the love-or-hate Greek spirit, Ouzo. 

History and Culture 

Perhaps  the most impressive historical sights in Greece are in Athens. Athens is home to several temples and ancient ruins as well as many historical statues – it is a truly unique city and by twinning your Greek Island holiday with Athens you’ll be able to see some of the amazing sights on offer.

Things to Do 

  • Greece is famous for it’s picturesque coastlines – the beaches, a mixture of pebbled and sand, are a truly relaxing setting to enjoy.
  • Watersports are available on virtually every Greek island. Whether it’s scuba diving, jet-skiing or paragliding that takes your fancy you’re sure to be pleased by the variety on offer.
  • Boat trips around the many bays of the Greek Islands are a great way to explore over the period of a day. If you’d like to visit Turkey, trips between Rhodes and the Dalaman area of Turkey are a daily planned excursion available to pre-book.