Luxury Holidays French Polynesia

The French Polynesia islands cover more than 1 million square miles, with only 1359 square miles of land across 118 islands. To put that into context, that is equivalent to the county of Cornwall being split up in 118 pieces and spread over an area the same size as Europe – that should give you an idea of how peaceful, remote and tranquil Bora Bora is!

Remote though it is, Bora Bora’s hotels all boast an extensive list of amenities and facilities which include international dining options, spas, kayaks, shark feeding, scuba diving, over-water hot tubs, private beaches and direct lagoon access from your hotel room. Crystal clear blue waters, bright white sandy beaches and undimmed skies as far as the eye can see makes Bora Bora the ultimate backdrop for any holiday photograph. Once you’ve looked at pictures of Bora Bora, you won’t want to visit anywhere else – it really is an idyll.

Best Time to Visit

The best weather in the French Polynesia is between April and November. At this time, temperatures are comfortably around 30°C but humidity is high, as well. Other months of the the year are only a few degrees cooler, but the reduced humidity makes this a more desirable time of year to visit.

Things to Do

  • Snorkelling and scuba diving in the region is a very popular way to spend time – the marine life is unbelievably vibrant and you’re sure to witness some of the rarest sea life on earth.
  • There are watersports activities at most larger resorts – including jet skis and scuba diving.
  • Relaxation is the main reason for a French Polynesian holiday – the beaches are peaceful, pretty and plentiful making this region perfect for some relaxation.