Luxury Holidays Far East

The enchanted countries of the Far East will leave you lost for words. Their magical setting and welcoming people mean that you could not be more awestruck by one part of the world. This incredible region offers rich choices in cuisine, culture, natural beauty and history, especially. Tours in Asia and the Far East are an increasingly popular way of visiting the area, allowing for several countries to be visited at once.

Best Time to Visit 

The climate in the Far East is varied depending on the country you are visiting – for more information on this, visit our pages detailing each country. Generally, however, the summer months in the Far East are during our winter months, and the winter months in the Far East are during our summer months.


The cuisine of the Far East is simply sublime – your taste-buds will be blown away by the flavours and variety on offer here. From the most exquisitely seasoned noodles and rice, to the simplest flavours of well cooked meats and proteins, the choice is endless. 

History and Culture

Each country in the Far East is steeped in a rich historical background. Particular areas of historical interest include the ancient temples of Thailand, the first settlements of the Myanmar (Burma) and the most incredible array of historical sites across India.

Things to Do

  • Visit any from a number of World Heritage/UNESCO Sites
  • Trek through the incredible jungles and mountain ranges
  • Embrace a stunning range of wildlife
  • Enjoy the most tranquil of beaches in the world
  • Kick back by the pool at your private villa