Luxury Holidays Europe

Short flight times are perhaps the most endearing feature of a Luxury Holiday to Europe. European countries all offer such different types of holidays; destinations include Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Iceland and Croatia. Our Travel Consultants will match your holiday requirements to the perfect destination for your next Luxury Holiday.

Best Time To Visit

Depending on the particular country you visit, climates across Europe are generally at their best during the summer months of May to September. However, countries such as Portugal and Cyprus as well as the Canary Islands are generally warmer for most months of the year.

Popular Destinations

Spain, including the Balearic and Canary Islands, is the most popular holiday destination for British holidaymakers each year. Other popular destinations include Greece and the Greek Islands, Cyprus, Portugal, Croatia and Italy. For a different holiday experience, Iceland and Lapland are also popular choices,


Most cuisine in Europe has largely been inspired by Mediterranean culture; this includes a wide variety of seafood as well as salads and light refreshments. This does vary from destination to destination, and most tourist resorts also serve food that is very much so adapted to British taste. 

History and Culture

Europe is rich with historical sites to visit; from the ruins of Ancient Greece to the remains of Pompeii. Be sure to ask your travel consultant about sites of historical importance in your destination country – we can even help book excursions.

Things to Do

  • Enjoy a variety of watersports and activities across many European resorts.
  • Embrace the glorious beaches across Europe.
  • Visit sites of historical significance. 
  • Take a short break in a European City.
  • Visit Santa or the Northern Lights in Iceland or Lapland.