Luxury Holidays Cyprus

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and it is enriched with a diverse cultural background. The island compromises of long stretches of beautiful beaches and inner land areas that are largely rolling hills. Friendly local people and a warmer all year round climate make Cyprus a divine luxury holiday destination.

Best Time to Visit 

Cyprus is largely considered a year round resort because of the dry and warmer weather it tends to enjoy for most of the year. The summer months provide hotter temperatures with an August average of 33°C in coastal areas, whilst the winter months still see temperatures maintained at a pleasant 20°C.

Popular Resorts 

With airports in Larnaca and Paphos, Cyprus is home to several popular resorts for a luxury holiday. These include Paphos and Larnaca themselves, as well as Limassol, Coral Bay, Pissouri Bay, Latchi and Protaras. 


Cypriot cuisine is very similar to the cuisine of Greece; with plenty of fresh, locally sourced foods and tasty salad dishes. The Cypriots are proud of the light ales produced on the island as a result of the rich wheat produced. 

History and Culture

According to mythology, Cyprus was the birthplace of Aphrodite – the goddess of love and natural beauty. Cyprus is home to several small castles which can be explored locally, each offering their own historical tale.

Things to Do 

  • Soak up the year round sun at a wide range of premium hotels.
  • Enjoy exploring the islands hills on a group walking tour.
  • Take advantage of watersports available at beach resorts.
  • Enjoy an exquisite array of local cuisine at the various bars and restaurants available.