Luxury Holidays Cuba

Cuba combines the old and new perfectly with the beautiful modern hotels on the white sands, to the traditional city of Havana. Cuba is a dream island for nature lovers. Home to an extremely varied landscape making it great for hiking or taking a leisurely stroll through some of the natural gardens home to 4% of the world’s land species. It is home to some 6,700 species of higher plants including roughly 350 bird species. If you prefer to stay by the beach you can enjoy the many watersports or take a romantic horse ride along the beach.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to go to Cuba is between November and April, where the temperatures reach averaging in the 30s. The wet season is between May and October this can bring hurricanes which blow in from the Atlantic.


Cuban cuisine blends Spanish, African and Caribbean styles and mixes it with traditional Cuban spices. A typical meal in Cuba would consist of rice or beans stirred in with seafood and spices.

History and Culture

Cuba offers a wide range of cultures as well as Havana you can clamber off to the old French coffee plantations or take a tour around the Spanish colonial cities dating back to the 16th century. If you enjoy walking Cuba has spectacular walk ways through mountains and forests. If you’re one who enjoys diving you won’t be disappointed with Cuba’s plentiful oceans.

The Beaches

You won’t be disappointed with the Cuban beaches, whether you’re in the North staying in Varadero or in the intimate Cayo Coco islands off Cuba where some of the beaches reached the top 20 beaches in the world voted by trip-advisor. If you head down to the south you’ll also be greeted by white sandy beaches.

Things to Do

  • Soak up the sun on the incredible beaches of Cuba
  • Take part in some incredible watersports
  • Observe some of the most intimate wildlife in the world
  • Enjoy the local cuisine