Luxury Holidays China

One of the biggest countries in the world, China is a captivating place filled with bustling cities which are in contrast to the rural quiet landscapes across mountainous regions, which makes China a place that is unlike any other. Experience the tranquil beauty of China in luxury with warm temperatures all year round.

Best Time to Visit

The recommended time to visit China is around October time in early Autumn through to early May, as the temperature is warm and not too hot to do activities as well as it being the dry season.

Popular Resorts

Popular resorts in China include Beijing, Shanghai, the Yangtze River, Tibet and Yangshuo.


Much of the Chinese cuisine consist of noodles, rice and some type of meat in a sauce. Traditional dishes include Sweet and Sour Pork, Ma Po Tofu and Chow Mein. Depending on which part of China you visit, the dishes that they have can vary.

History and Culture

With a long history of empire, civilisation and revolution over 5,000 years, China has a lot of ancient history which can be found within the temples and buildings all around the country. Depending on which part of China you visit, you’ll see the varying wealth from region to region. A lot of the economic struggle is due to the very high population. Chinese people also celebrate a large festival called Spring Festival that marks the beginning of the Lunar New year between mid-January and mid-February for 15 days, and they do something everyday to welcome the new year.

Things to Do

  • Take boat ride down the Yangtze River, the longest river in Asia.
  • Visit the 5,500 mile long Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City.
  • Explore the terracotta army statues.
  • Visit Jiuzhaigou National Park for unbelievable natural beauty.
  • Go to the Spring festival and bring in the Lunar New Year.