Luxury Holidays The Caribbean

With the ever increasing cost of visiting European destinations as demand rises, the Caribbean is quickly becoming the best value for money luxury option. With a range of hotels in a wide variety of beach resorts, there’s something in the Caribbean for everyone. With flights typically between 8 and 9 hours, it’s a shorter journey than visiting further afield destinations in Asia and America but with warmer weather and stunning coastlines.

Best Time to Visit

Generally, the Caribbean offers a reasonable climate all year round but there are wet and dry seasons for each island – for more information, view the pages specific to each island which contain more details.


Much of Caribbean cuisine is flavoured with unique spices and herbs, with lots of rice and meat dishes used. For dishes specific to each island, visit the pages about each of the Caribbean island.

Things to Do

Each island offers a unique array of activities, but these include:

  • Snorkelling and scuba diving
  • Award winning beaches to enjoy the warm weather
  • UNESCO and World Heritage sites that are well worth visiting
  • Unique towns and cities to visit