Luxury Holidays Canada

Canada is a diverse destination, from snowy mountains to the wildlife and city experiences. Canada offers many things for visitors as you can go skiing, hiking and even take a boat through the mountains or just enjoy the tranquil scenery that Canada has to offer.

Best Time to Visit

Despite the size of Canada, temperatures are generally the same across the country. It’s cold everywhere in the winter, which lasts from November to February, and summer months from June to September are warmer and more pleasant. If you are looking for wildlife and lush forests, the best time to go is around April time as this is when everything comes into bloom and the animals re-emerge. If you are visiting in the winter it is best to pack with lots of warm clothes as temperatures can get quite cold.


As Canada has a big influence from France and Western Europe, their cuisine incorporates many of these flavours and food influences in their own dishes. Some of the foods they are most known for are the French-Canadian Tortierre (meat filled pie), Bacon with pancakes, Bagels and putting Maple syrup on almost everything.

History and Culture

Canada’s history dates back to its first discovery in the 15th century by Vikings and a Frenchman. However, Europeans didn’t permanently settle there until the 16th century. Their history involves a lot of development, especially over the last 50 years, and immigration from wars that went on, such as Vietnam War. This is in addition to having Aboriginals as some of the first people to live in Canada.

Things to Do

  • Go skiing
  • Take a boat down the lakes
  • Visit Toronto CN tower
  • See Niagara falls