Luxury Holidays Brazil

Brazil is a country full of vibrancy, excitement and culture. As the largest South American country, Brazil offers a range of experiences from the natural wonderland of the wildlife in the Amazon, to the bustling city of Rio de Janeiro. Surrounded by countries such as, Venezuela, Bolivia and Argentina, Brazil is big enough to offer a massive range of choices of where to stay there.

Best Time to Go

The best time to visit Brazil is from March to November as this is when its’ dry and temperatures are hot, although they can get a lot cooler in the evenings. December to February are probably times to avoid as it is the wet season.


Brazil’s cuisine is mix of flavours, spices and hearty meals. One of their national dishes is Feijoada which is a black bean stew with smoked meats. Brigadeiros (chocolate truffles) and Pao de Queijo (cheese bread) are two of Brazil’s most popular foods.

History and Culture

Brazil has a unique history from when the Portuguese first settled there in the 1500’s, and due to many people having mixed marriages with Indians and Africans, many Brazilians now have a combination of European, African and Asian descent. Coffee has become an important product in Brazil as there was the land to produce it and created wealth for the farmers and workers.

The culture is very diverse due to the different nationalities and European influences; however, the people focus very much on family values. People greet with a handshake or a kiss, and they are also expressive in how they present themselves as shown by their popular dance Samba and the way they dress.

Things to Do

  • Go to Carnival, Mardi Gras
  • Sit on Copacabana beach
  • Take a boat ride to Sugarloaf Mountain
  • Visit Christ the Redeemer
  • Explore the Amazon
  • Watch the exotic birds and wildlife at The Pantanal
  • Walk up the Escadaria Selaron steps