Luxury Holidays Bolivia

Bolivia is full of natural beauty throughout the entire country; you will be surrounded by endless mountains, lakes and lush greenery. For a true feel of South American land, Bolivia is the ideal place for you. Landlocked, by Brazil on the East, Peru and Chile on the North and West, and Paraguay in the South, you will experience culture and heritage at its finest.

Best Time to Visit

Bolivia can be visited all year round, although if you want to go to the highlands the best time to visit is from April to October as it’s dry with plenty of sunshine, but temperatures are cooler. If you visit from November to March, temperatures are a lot warmer, however it may be more humid and there is a higher chance of rainfall.


Much of Bolivia’s cuisine includes foods of bread, pastry, meat and rice. Some of their staple dishes are Saltenas (meat in pastry), Quinoa, Picante de Pollo (spicy chicken), Sandwiche de Chola (pork sandwich) and Cunape (cheesy breads) which goes as a snack with your coffee or cocktail.

History and Culture

Bolivia is one of the Spanish countries that was most popular for its mineral wealth – they won independence in 1825. Over the years, like many countries, Bolivia did go through a rough time, as in 2005 they went through lots of protests because of the thousands of people that struggled to keep their farms and mines running. As for their culture, most religious people are Roman Catholics and the people are very family orientated and traditional in the way they are.

Things to Do

  • Go on a Jungle tour
  • Visit the Salt Flats
  • Take a boat trip to Isla del Sol, Lake Titicaca
  • Visit Valley of the Moon