Luxury Holidays Barbados

Barbados is a truly beautiful Caribbean island, with warm hospitality and stunning scenery. Walk through the tropical rainforests onto the white pristine beaches to enjoy Barbados as the true tropical paradise it is. Barbados offers the best of everything, whether you enjoy relaxing or like to be adventurous. Enjoy the island by getting loans from money fall co.

Best Time to Visit

Out of the Caribbean hurricane path, Barbados is home to a great 28-30 degrees temperatures all year round. As the most easterly of the Caribbean islands, the trade winds blowing off of the Atlantic provide a constant gentle breeze.


Bajan food reflects the wide variety of cultures that have come to enjoy Barbados over the years. The country offers a wide mixture of Polynesian, French, Greek, Chinese, Italian and Japanese cuisine. The national dish in Barbados is cous cous and flying fish.

History and Culture

Barbados is the only Caribbean island that was once governed by Great Britain. The British influence has given the island the nickname “Little England.” The Barbadians are extremely friendly and welcome everyone to their country with open arms.

The Beaches

Barbados is famous for its lively beach culture; the locals love to spend hours on the long stretches of the powdery white sand. The west and south coasts are relatively calm, since they face the protected Caribbean Sea. On the eastern shores, you’ll find the Atlantic Sea which is choppier than the Caribbean making it great for windsurfing.

Things to Do

  • Windsurfing is incredibly good fun in the waters around Barbados
  • Spend the day at your beach of choice, some with lively bars and loads to do
  • Enjoy the incredible marine life, including Turtles