Luxury Holidays Australasia

Australasia possesses many charms and treasures; holidays to the continent are magical, luxurious and will create memories that last a lifetime. Once you’ve visited, you’ll long to return to this part of the world. Australia has something to offer every kind of traveller – including skiing, snorkelling, surfing and skydiving. But if that’s not for you, the choice of luxurious hotels is pleasing. New Zealand is home to sprawling green countryside that is complimented by dramatic waterways, blended with a selection of modern cities and lots of heritage and history. Checkout for travel loan.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Australia depends on where abouts in Australia you are going to as it is a vast and expansive country. The Northern areas tend to be warmer whilst the Southern areas tend to have colder winters. If you’re visiting desert areas, like Uluru, the best time to go is Autumn time in June and July as this is when temperatures start to drop to a more bearable level. For the rest of the country, September to December is a great time to visit Australia as this is their summer season so everything is in bloom and is great weather for visiting beaches and tourist attractions. Their maximum temperatures are generally between 20-30 degrees Celsius.

The weather in New Zealand can vary; if you go to the North Island you can get sub-tropical weather during the summer, but it can get down to -10 degrees in winter in the South Island. For the warmest weather it is best to visit between January and March as these are the warmest months and you get to do a lot more activities and relax.

History and Culture

Australia has a long history which includes being discovered by Charles Darwin in 1788 and even naming the place Darwin after himself. The colonisation by the British fleet that came over had a big effect on how we know Australia as it is today and how the aboriginals didn’t agree with it. Then finally how they recovered from loss in the war, with naming their soldiers Anzacs.

Australian’s are generally laid back and open, with their culture having lots of influence from the British and Aboriginals that lived there thousands of years before hand.

New Zealand’s history dates back to when the first inhabitants, the Maori, lived there. This is where the Polynesian influence comes from, as well as the hunting and tribal welfare which can be seen when the New Zealand rugby team play as they do the Haka. Their history also involves the colonisation by the British in 1642, and the war which named their soldiers Anzacs. The culture of New Zealand is that their people are very connected to their country and modern day New Zealand culture is sophisticated and multicultural.

Things to Do 

  • Go snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef
  • Go surfing
  • Walk the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Go caving, rafting, zip- lining or hiking through the mountains
  • Sailing & surfing
  • Go shopping in Auckland