Luxury Holidays Aruba

Aruba is probably one of the least known Caribbean islands, making it have a more exclusive feel. Aruba offers some true luxury hotels right next to the calm blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. You can visit the islands capital of Oranjestad here you will find glitzy malls which are a true shoppers paradise. You can then head down to Palm Beach where you’ll find luxury hotels on the white powdery sands. You’ll soon find out why the locals call Aruba “One Happy Island”.

Best Time to Visit

With an average rainfall of only 20 inches per year and a daily temperature of 28 degrees, Aruba is situated outside of the hurricane belt makes it a perfect Caribbean destinations all year round.


Aruba’s cuisine draws on influences from a variety of places around the world including the Netherlands, South America, Caribbean and Europe meaning there’s plenty of choice. The Arubans like to service simple, less complex food but with a tongue tingling taste; South American, Caribbean and European influences meaning there’s plenty of choice here.

History and Culture

Being a dutch owned island there is a Dutch influence; in particular, the capital Oranjestad with its brightly coloured gabled houses – you will feel as if you’re in Holland instead of Aruba. If you head to the North of the island you will find a windmill shipped in from the Netherlands. There’s plenty to do including water-sports, hiking and biking.

The Beaches

The beaches have a true desert island feel with white sand lined by palm trees. If you walk from Palm beach to Eagle beach you will walk over 11km of pure white sand.

Things to Do

  • Explore the incredible and tranquil beaches
  • Visit Oranjestad and take in some of this amazing city
  • For the ultimate adrenaline rush, take part in some amazing watersports