Luxury Holidays Argentina

As one of the biggest countries in South America, Argentina has a large terrain and is full of mountain waterfalls, lakes and grasslands. Like a lot of South American countries, the country is big on their traditional Spanish music and tango dance. Visit the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, where you can experience a cosmopolitan city of markets, fine dining and shops. You can also go to Patagonia to experience the icy wilderness and mountains or Iguazu and go to the waterfalls within a surrounding forest.

Best Time to Visit

Argentina can be visited all year round as temperatures are generally hot in every month. However, December to March gives you the best weather if you are planning on visiting Patagonia as this is the summer season. September to November is also a pleasant time to visit the Lake district in Argentina and they also have the grape harvest and wine festivals at this time.


The Argentinean cuisine consists of a mix of flavours and has a strong influence from Italy with traditional meals including Mixed Asado (grilled meats), Empanadas and Ravioli. As well as ‘Mate’ which is a popular tea.

History and Culture

Argentina has a unique history from when the Spanish entered; this occurred because of more and more people looking for wild animals. With people permanently settling in the 1500’s, after Napoleon invaded Spain, they decided to become independent which was finally declared in 1810, and lead to the city’s main square being called Plaza de Mayo as a commemoration. As for their culture, a lot of Argentineans are of European descent which separates them from other South American countries. The people have strong family values and are very expressive in their feelings and the way they express themselves – this explains the way they love their dance and passion.

Things to Do

  • Go shopping in Buenos Aires
  • Learn to dance Tango
  • Go to Mar de Plata beach
  • Visit the Iguazu waterfalls
  • Hike up the mountains