Conquering Jetlag

Long Haul Travel can take you to some truly stunning destinations, but this does sometimes leave you feeling a little jet lagged. We’ve got some top tips to conquer jet lag – but the first step of conquering it, is to understand exactly what it is.

‘Jet Lag is a temporary feeling that causes tiredness, feeling confused and feeling a little dazzled as a result of air travel across time zones.’

Our top tips to conquer jet lag:

  • If you need to sleep during your flight then take an eye mask with you so then you can cut out any natural sunlight; insert earplugs to ensure that you are able to rest in a quiet and relaxed environment for the best sleep.
  • Avoid drinking any alcohol or caffeine! It will be beneficial to you as you won’t struggle to fall asleep.
  • Perhaps most importantly, keep yourself hydrated! There’s no worse feeling than feeling dehydrated and tired – just try to avoid caffeine or alcohol.
  • If you are able to do so at anytime of your flight then get up and stretch your legs. By doing this, you will also be making sure that your blood flow is good throughout your body.
  • If on arrival at your destination it is light, try and spend as much time as you can outside in the natural daylight as it will help your brain adjust to the new environment.
  • Try to eat small and light meals as large meal and rich foods will make it more difficult for your body to adapt to the environment on arrival.