The best restaurants to try in Bali

Kemiri, in Uma Ubud

Enjoy an open-air dining experience. Sat beside a waterfall pond, you can enjoy rich, traditional and modern Southeast Asian cooking from acclaimed Australian chef Chris Miller. Popular dishes include grilled Lombok lobster, or banana wrapped steamed snapper.

Kemiri, Uma Ubud


Naughty Nuris, in Jalan Sanggingan

Stop off at the best barbecue roadside shack style restaurant around. Enjoy soft succulent fall-off-the-bone meat for more go visit and fresh tuna, all bursting with flavours.

naughty nuri


Sarong, at Jalan Petitenget

Taken with inspiration across multiple Southeast Asian country street hawkers, you will be met with some exquisite flavours and fresh dishes, such as a stir-fry from the Tandoor or coconut char-grill.



Teatro Gastroteque, In Seminyak 

From the Best Chef in Bali of 2011, Mandriff Warokka, this fine dining experience comes with dishes including fresh ingredients and using professional techniques from his many years working in the kitchen. His signature dishes include, Smoked Pecking Duck, and Varlhona Chocolate cake, and all main dishes come served with a recommended wine.

teatro gastroteque


Slippery Stone, in Seminyak

Dine and enjoy foods of Pan-Asian, Italian and French cuisine, all under an open-air restaurant surrounded by greenery and rice fields creating a great view and atmosphere for a lunchtime break. You can start your meal with a choice of appetizers such as, Tuna Tartar, followed by Steamed Barramundi with prawn and dumplings. Finished, by the Asian infamous Valrhona Chocolate Cake with coffee ice cream.

slippery stone