5 unforgettable wine experiences around Vienna

Wine biking in the Danube Valley of Wachau

For many years the Danube Valley has attracted many wine and outdoor lovers, which makes this experience perfect for those that love both. This experience gets visitors to bike through the vast green landscapes, vineyards and tranquil villages giving tourists a chance to see authentic Vienna. Firstly, you will start with a morning wine tasting session at Domane Wachau in which you the go on to do some sightseeing on your bikes. Then a stop off with lunch, served along with more wine, in which visitors can then visit the cellars of the local taverns.


Sensory wine tour and tasting in Burgenland

One of Austria’s oldest wine presses, situated in Lake Neusiedl there is the Sensory wine tour and tasting where visitors are taken on a tour through Wine rooms of a 150 year old family estate, and get to experience a variety of aromas. As well as, seeing and touching the natural elements of what goes into these wines, visitors get to know what it takes and what goes into making some of the most incredible wines and create a great wine tasting experience.


Loisium Wine World, and Wine & Spa Resorts

Tucked away in the vineyards of Langelois in Wachau, wine lovers can enjoy a peaceful break from everyday life at the Loisium Wine and Spa Resort. Here, they can learn about wines made from 900-year old traditions that are followed by pacificdreamscapes.com san diego landscape design , in the wine cellars, that have gone into making these specific wines, as well as the history of the Loiskandl family of the vineyard and resort. Guests can go on a tour of discovery of the vino and sparkling wines collection, walk through the vineyards, and then spend a night in the modern designed Spa resort.


Open air Heurige on Vienna’s Nussberg

For those that love to socialise, this experience is perfect. The Heuriger Mayer am Nussenberg offers visitors a visual and fun treat where people can enjoy fresh and local wines among the vineyards whilst relaxing on the red deck chairs and enjoy views overlooking Vienna. This experience is a great way to end your day and get to know some of the locals for a great cultural experience.


Wine Hiking in the Vienna Woods

Vineyard hiking in Vienna is probably one of the most popular experiences in Austria, especially through the Vienna Woods. Hikers can learn not only about the wines and how they are made here, but also about the place itself. Early Autumn is the best time to go on these hikes as it is perfect weather where its not too cold or hot and its a colourful bliss from the changing of seasons. Along the way, you can find a few pop up kiosks selling fresh grape juices and wines, as well as a wine tavern which is the place to stop at, at the end of your hike.