3 of the best beaches in Greece


Situated on the mainland, you can enjoy the nightlife of Thessaloniki city before heading to the Halkidiki beaches to relax. There is the bright blue sea and hidden white sandy bays nestled between the rocks for your own exclusive experience, taverna’s and restaurants along the coastline for you to stop off into serving fresh Greek foods for the perfect lunch break.



Much like the rest of Greece, Evia is a small beautiful island located off the city of Athens with just a short bridge crossover, making for a great day trip if youre visiting the city. Evia is full of authentic Greek villages and you can find out lots of historic sites and enjoy the simplicity of the island. Here you can enjoy true, authentic Greek cuisine within the numerous taverna’s and restaurants from the Athens city and around the island. You can also visit the Agia Anna village for a traditional Greek experience and culture.



One of the most picturesque beaches you will find in Greece, Kefalonia is the perfect escape. Not far from unique Greek villages, Kefalonia is quite a mountainous region offering many different beaches all around the coastline of the island, from pebbly to white sands. The beaches of Kefalonia are suited to everyone.